Understanding Value to Enhance Color

One Day Workshop


Course Description: Understanding value is the beginning to understanding color. We will be doing exercises that are designed to get you to look at value instead of color so you can learn to differentiate between the two. We will be working with Prismacolor pencils to learn to break down color into high, medium and low values. 

Students are Asked to Bring:

  • Set of 24 Prismacolor Premier Colored pencils - I will be asking you to use specific numbers of pencils. You will need to have the set of 24, plus eight individual pencils with the numbers 915 Lemon Yellow, 902 Ultramarine, and six Cool Gray numbers 1059, 1060, 1061, 1063, 1065, and 1067. This makes a total of 32 pencils.

  • Notebook and pencil for note-taking

  • manual pencil sharpener

Classroom Requirements:

  • three extra tables for demonstration and supplies.

  • table space with enough room for each student to work comfortably, (2 students per 8' X 2 1/2' table)

  • room must have adequate lighting and ventilation.

  • a 10' X 8' wall (or equivalent space) to hang class samples and example work. The Guild should provide some way to pin work on wall space (foam core, insulation boards, bulletin boards, etc.)

  • 2 - 3 quilt racks or quilt stands

Maximum - 20 students per class


  • Teaching Fee: $800.00 per day (6-7 hours, limit 20 students)

  • Lab Fee: $5.00 (one pattern)

  • Travel Costs: all travel costs including coach airfare, airport parking, tips, taxi, shuttle or other ground expenses

  • Lodging must be provided

Fees valid for all contracts signed before 12/31/2019.