I couldn’t duplicate this experience anywhere! Hollis is an excellent guide; she saw in pieces of work beauty and discernment that I initially mentally scoffed at. I can show you what we did and what she said, but it is really drawing out what is in you, the work of your own hands.
Oh, it was hard and good, and I look forward so to the next class! It is the forward motion, the trying that you learn from, not the oh, I can’t. The time constraints forced everyone to work in spite of doubts and frustrations. And the work forced us onward. So this class is the next step forward for me, and just what I wanted for my art.
Guess what I’m saying is the class was conceptual, not techniques. She is an amazing woman, and amazing artist, and I was mad at her most of the time I was there. It was hard, and good, and no, there’s nothing I can share, except my heart. “
— Carolyn

As someone with no drawing or painting training, I was scared of the class. And as somebody who greatly respects Artists, I was intimidated by the thought of working with Hollis. But within a very short time, I realized she could make it possible for me to succeed in the class, and she was not only “human”, but also had a very nice sense of humor. I relaxed and had a wonderful three days. I was a very happy Camper/Quilter! “
— Melinda

I was not sure I had it in me to create art; quilts yes, art was questionable for me. It seemed to me that most of the classes I have taken in my quilting life, were either focused on a technique, or copying the teacher. I tried to make it my own, but it just never worked. You gave us an assignment and it was up to us to come up with OUR answer, then you helped us make it better, but it was still OURS.
I feel very blessed to have a teacher who expects us to move forward, encourages, challenges us to higher expectations, considers where we start, and does not try to “clone” us.”
— Carol

I just hung my flower project, done in your class, on the bedroom wall. I just sat there thinking how you were able to teach me how to do it. I never believed that was possible from me. You are a great teacher and inspiration.”
— Pam
Hollis is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Seeing this video confirms how authentic she is when she teaches. I have been fortunate enough to have attended her ten year courses. She has transformed my way of looking at art and the way I create art, she has unselfishly shared her knowledge and her love for what she does.
I have always admired her work and her as an amazing artist capable of putting into fabric human emotion. I had only seen that capability from the masters of the Renaissance.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with your students and with the viewers.

— Silvia Sariñana