Hollis Chatelain - Awareness through Art

Meet Hollis

My art most often comes to me in my dreams; usually influenced by current events and the many years I spent living in West Africa. This is why I tend to create surreal dreamlike compositions with a photographic quality.

I create "textile paintings" because fabric not only gives me a way to do all the things I love - photography, drawing, painting - but it is also very tactile. The softness of the medium draws viewers in and encourages them to engage on a deeper level.

Just as my many colors of thread hold the layers of fabric and batting together, I feel that my creations can also pull people together. We are wrapped in cloth from birth through death. Thus fabric creates a connection that suits the issues I address in a personal way.

I believe that each one of us plays an essential role in making this world what it is. I hope my work will touch and inspire viewers.


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