Independent Study

five Day retreat


When I started offering the Independent Study classes I assumed that students would only come to the workshop once but I it turned out I was wrong!! After four years of offering this retreat I'm realizing that many of the same students come back again and again because they love the format, the freedom, the discussions, and being in a community of fellow artists. So I'm now offering a second Independent Study class in 2018.

This is a great opportunity to stretch, try something new, and have support and suggestions.

Each student works on their own project. They get individual attention from me when they get "stuck" or just want feedback. This workshop is not a "how to" class with formal instruction, but I am available to do demonstrations corresponding to each person's needs. Everyone is invited to participate in those demos if they are interested. This allows for further learning and broadening of each person's knowledge.

We have critiques each day which are open to all of the students if they would like to participate.

Students inform me of what they will be working on ahead of time so I can be prepared to help.

Here are some examples of what students have worked on in Independent retreats:
Designing a quilt - coming with an idea and designing and making the quilt in class
Dye-painting - painting a large quilt with dyes
Designing quilting - figuring out and creating the design for the quilting
Quilting - quilting a quilt with help on color choices on threads
Drawing - going further in drawing to understand more about shading, perspective, portraiture, or color in your pencil drawings
Color - figuring out how to choose fabrics for your quilt with color guidance
Finishing UFOs that were started but you just didn't know how to finish them
Below you will find the practical information about the February 2018 retreat in Texas.

I hope you can join us!