The Relationship Between Drawing and Quilting







It is difficult for most quilters to understand how much a drawing class can help their quilting. In this lecture, I talk about the concepts of drawing and how acquiring some basic knowledge can help all quilters. The concepts I will be discussing are:

  •     Line
  •     Negative Space and Positive Shapes
  •     Light and Shadow
  •     Perspective

In order for the audience to better understand how these concepts can help them, I will show slides of both traditional and contemporary quilts that illustrate a good use of line, negative spaces, light and shadow or perspective. These quilts are made by a wide variety of quilters from the USA and Europe.

Teacher Needs:

  • Digital projector (with extension cord if needed)
  • Microphone
  • Screen
  • 2 - 3 quilt racks or quilt stands
  • 3 tables for supplies

Fee: $425.00 for this lecture

(Above fee only valid when this lecture is given in conjunction with a workshop).

Fees valid for all contracts signed before 12/31/2016.