Three Crows

Size: 16 x 26inches

Technique: Half of the image is dye-painted. One eye is painted, the other is created with quilting. The rest of the imagery is also created with thread.
Material: 100% cotton fabrics, wool/polyester batting

Artist Statement
Crows have long been considered magical. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. I saved a young crow in August 2013. After spending a day with me I was able to get him to a shelter. He was released about 6 weeks later, and then about 10 days after that a crow appeared in our yard. He is in our yard everyday watching. I'm convinced that he is the crow I saved. He is often with 1 or 2 other crows.
Since then crows have started appearing in my dreams so I knew they needed to be in my work.

Private collection