The Gift


The Gift


Unlimited edition fine art giclee printed on acid-free, museum-quality archival paper using the finest archival inks. Each print is signed and dated by the artist. Dimensions include one-inch white border.

24 x 26 inches

Artist Statement: 
Trained as a physical therapist in the Philippines and felt she had a gift in her hands. But she couldn't make a living in her home country so, as millions of other economic refugees, she left the Philippines.
She was unhappy on the cruise ship and poured her heart out to me.

That night I dreamed this piece in blue. Afterward we met every day and she talked about her aspirations and what was important to her and then gave me permission to create her story. Growing up in Manila, the ocean represented escape for her. From my point of view, the islands had always represented tropical flowers and beautiful beaches.

Karen made me see how economic refugees are the sacrificed ones who must leave their homes to support families.

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