Unlimited edition fine art giclee print printed on acid-free, museum-quality archival paper using the finest archival inks. Each print is signed and dated by the artist. The dimensions include a one inch white border.

9 x 16 inches

Artist Statement:

Wetlands have always intrigued me. When I went to the wetland areas near Charleston, SC in 2003, wonderful childhood memories rushed back into my mind. Playing in the swamps near my grandmother's farm in New Jersey, jumping from grass hump to grass hump so our boots wouldn't get sucked off our feet, hearing the frog songs and catching the salamanders and snakes.

But it was really the cypress "knees" that pushed me to make "Protection". They brought to mind little soldiers standing guard over our wetlands.

Throughout the world we are destroying wetlands with pollution, dams and development.

The wetlands protect us from floods, provide fish and wildlife habitat, control erosion, and protect our water quality and our shorelines. We must, at all cost, be the soldiers who stand at the edge of the waters and protect our wetlands.

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