Upcycle Your Jeans Into Art

One Day Workshop

Course Description: Get ready to think outside the box. Learn a new raw edge technique and "upcycle" your old blue jeans! We will be combining hand-dyed fabric with blue jeans to create a small wall quilt or a tote bag. Both projects are avant-guarde and beautiful. You may choose to make one or the other in the class. Come join in the fun!

*This is an Intermediate Level workshop that requires basic machine quilting skills. 








                     Class Project                                                 Class Project                                From available "Moonrise" pattern               From available "Soaring" pattern


Students are Asked to Bring:

  • Sewing machine in good working condition that can do both a zigzag stitch and free motion quilting feet for a zigzag stitch and free motion quilting
  • 4 legs of deconstructed jeans/denim, different colors/values, a variety of very distressed to some darker blues is great - remove seams, zipper, and pockets before coming to class (can bring pockets, waist bands, or any other parts) - the idea is to have a variety of denim that can be of any color or shade
  • One piece of hand-dyed bright accent fabric:                                                          

        - For the wall-hanging: roughly 16" x 18"      

        - For the tote bag: roughly 1 yard                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Cotton backing fabric:

        - For the wall-hanging: roughly 16" x 18"      

        - For the tote bag: roughly 1 yard   

  • Batting - lightweight to medium:

         - For the wall-hanging: roughly 16" x 18"      

        - For the tote bag: roughly 1 yard   

  • 20 safety pins for basting
  •  Seam ripper
  • Glue stick
  • Scotch Magic tape
  • 2 colored pencils (red & white)
  • Clear polyester thread like Superior Mono-poly (I will also have thread for sale)
  • Quilting threads in a variety of bright colors (I will also have thread for sale)
  • Sharp pointed scissors - 6" or smaller (I like Kai scissors best)
  • Paper scissors
  •  4"x 14" (or larger) clear ruler
  • Cutting mat - Note: if you are driving, please bring a large one that several people can use together - if you are flying and can't fit one in, don't worry about it.

The Teacher Will Provide:

  • Quilting and clear polyester thread available for purchase in the classroom

The Teacher Needs:

  • A sewing machine

Classroom Requirements:

  • three extra tables for demonstration and supplies.
  • table space with enough room for each student to work comfortably,  (2 students per 8' X 2 1/2' table)
  • room must have adequate lighting and ventilation.
  • a 10' X 8' wall (or equivalent space) to hang class samples and example work. The guild should provide some way to pin work on wall space (foam core, insulation boards, bulletin boards, etc.)
  • 2 - 3 quilt racks or quilt stands

Maximum - 20 students per class


  • Teaching Fee: $775.00 per day (6-7 hours, limit 20 students)
  • Travel Costs: all travel costs including coach airfare, airport parking, tips, taxi, shuttle or other ground expenses
  • Food and Lodging: all food and lodging must be provided

Fees valid for all contracts signed before 12/31/2018.