Enough 2.jpg
Enough 2.jpg



Unlimited edition fine art giclee printed on acid-free, museum-quality archival paper using the finest archival inks. Each print is signed and dated by the artist. Dimensions include one-inch white border.

10 x 15 inches

Artist Statement: 

I was approached by the art initiative called "Through Her Eyes" to create a piece of art work to benefit the organization Women for Women International.

Today in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), people are still struggling amidst one of the deadliest wars in all history. Millions have died and new conflicts threaten peace every day.
Perhaps worse than the loss of life is the staggering number of human rights violations – torture, mutilation and sexual violence that has occurred against tens of thousands of women and children.
This woman seems to be saying Enough! to the turmoil surrounding her.


Organizations like Women for Women International are helping some of these women in their struggle toward recovery and rehabilitation.
50% of the retail price of this piece will go to the organization.

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