Living Colors


Living Colors


Hollis designed the Living Colors series specially for Superior Threads. This series was designed with the idea of quilting faces in mind, but these threads can be used for many different subjects. The threads will enhance each work of art whether it be for quilting, thread painting, or embroidery.

This is a series of art tones for which all quilters and textile artists have been waiting. Natural colors, ranging from highlights and mediums to light and dark shadows, will bring life to your artistic creations. Living Colors is a 40 wt. tri-lobal thread, unique in its softness, high sheen, and color range.

This is the first set that Hollis designed. The threads are wonderful for enhancing realistic work like flesh, shells, rocks, bark, and fish. But what is even more exciting is that the lights don't fade into looking like white on dark fabrics and the darks don't muddy out on light fabrics. It is difficult to find many of these colors on the market and they have been created in a unique and logical fashion that will give definition and softness to your work.

The 25 colors are broken into five sets:

  • Highlights: numbers 501-505, these are the lightest colors in the set, used for where the sun or light hits
  • Soft Foundations: numbers 506-510, these are the light medium tones
  • Enhancers: numbers 511-515, these are the brightest colors in the pack, used for lips or bright areas
  • Medium Foundations: numbers 516-520, these are the dark medium tones
  • Shaders: numbers 521-525, these are the darkest colors in the set and would be used for shading areas
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