Here is a list of some of my favorite links from all over the web. Please take some time to visit them.
  Bob Adams - Artist

  Animas Quilts Publishing


  Bellwether Dry Goods - Hand Quilting Service

  Priscilla Bianchi - Quilt Artist

  Mia Bosna - Artist and Illustrator

  Caryl Bryer Fallert - Textile Artist

  Lauren Camp - Fiber Artist

  Pat Campbell - Quiltmaker

  Linda Carlson - Quiltmaker

  Carolina Designer Craftsmen - Craft Guild

  GaŽl Chatelain - Origin Visual Design

  Darlene Christopherson - Quiltmaker

  Karen Combs - Quiltmaker

  Meg Cox - Journalist, Author and Quilter

  Debra Danko - Fabric Artist

  Eileen Doughty - Fabric Artist

  Empty Spools Seminars, Asilomar, CA

  Jonathan Evans - Batik Artist

  Marcia Eygabroat - Quilt Artist

  Durham Arts Guild

  Cindy Friedman - Art Quilter

  Gail Garber - Quiltmaker

  Grinnell FiberWorks - Quilt Shop and more

  Ann Harwell's Quilt Artisan Website

  Irma Gail Hatcher - Quiltmaker

  Valerie Hearder - Textile Artist

  Eva Henneberry - Fine Art Quilter

  Jan Holzbauer - Fiber and Quilt Artist

  Jan Krentz - Quilt Teacher, Author, and Designer

  Libby Lehman - Quiltmaker

  Sarah Louise - Quilt Artist

  Vita Marie Lovett - Art Quilter

  Lunn's Hand-Died Fabrics

  Bonnie Lyn McCaffery - Quiltmaker

  Eleanor McCain - Art Quilts

  Barbara McKie - Art Quilter

  Melody Madden - Textile Artist

  Gwen Magee - Quilt Ethnic

  Martine House's Quilting Magazine

  Bill Milnazik - Axis Visual

  Barbara Olson - Art Quilter

  The On-Line Museum and Encyclopedia of Vision Aids

  Patchwork Interactive Australia

  Charlotte Patera - Art Quilter

  Sharon Pederson - Quiltmaker

  Amanda Perkins - Art Quilter

  Piece of Cake Designs

  Linda M. Poole - Quilt Artist

  Pro Chemical Inc. - Procion Dyes

  Provisions Library - Resources for Arts and Social Change

  Bethany Reynolds - Quiltmaker

  Elizabeth Rosenberg - Textile Artist

  Rose Rushbrooke - Artist and Quilt maker

  Mary Salome Vandergraft - Textile Artist

  Joan Shay - Quiltmaker

  Susan Schrott - Textile Artist


  Rebecca Speakes - Contemporary Quilt Artist

  Mary Stori - Quiltmaker

  Betty Suiter - Quilter

  Deborah Sylvester - Art Quilter

  Carol Taylor Quilts

  The Quilter Magazine Online

  Thimble Pleasures Quilt Shop

   Ricky Tims - Quiltmaker

  Lorraine Torrence - Quiltmaker

  Cathy Van Bruggen - Quilter

  Petra Voegtle - Artist

  Jackie Weatherly - Contemporary Fiber Artist

  MaryLou Weidman - Quiltmaker

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