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Hope For Our World

In February 2002, I dreamed “Hope For our World”. The dream was in purple and Archbishop Tutu was standing in a field. Children from all over the world were approaching him like he was a Pied Piper. The dream seemed to be speaking about World Peace and the Future of our Children. Desmond Tutu represented Hope.

In May of 2005 I was honored to have a meeting with Archbishop Tutu to discuss my dream.

“Hope For Our World” was finished April 16th and I sent an image of it to my daughter. Her response was:

"How ironic that the piece is finally done on a day like today where you can’t help feel sad about the world we live in, a world where massacres like the one at Virginia Tech this morning still happen.It makes me think that this piece is there to remind us that even when we wonder what this world is coming to, when we think that there can’t possibly be hope in a world with such tragedies, we are reminded of people like Desmond Tutu. People that will fight for peace and never give up…we realize that there still is hope after all.”


Hope For Our World


82"X 82"


Hand dye-painted with thickened fiber reactive dyes using six values of purple dye on cotton fabric, machine quilted with over 200 different colors of thread.


Cotton fabric, wool/polyester batting



Email Me or call me (919) 732-5119 if you would like more information on this quilt.

HOPE FOR OUR WORLD 2007 Hollis Chatelain. All Rights Reserved.

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